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News  2018/ 19:




August 2018/ Swansea, Wales, UK




Invited artists/ King House




Kamera 8, Wexford, IRL




galerie Gerken/ Berlin, Germany





Solo Exhibition Opening:

Shadow of Ourselves

Opened by Lynn Scarff,

Director Science Gallery Dublin

Carrick on Shannon, Leitrim

resulting from Spark Residency

@ Prior PLM Medical & Leitrim County Council, Ireland

 2016: Tinka Bechert & Nils Kasiske

@ Galerie Gerken

Linienstr. 217, Berlin Mitte,

    11th of March 2016, 6 pm

Exhibitions runs until 21.04.2016


December 2014


Artefakte, Kunst ist Wissen,

Wissen ist Kunst, Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities

& Transcript Verlag

October - December 2014


at the Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg,

Institute for  Advanced Study,

Delmenhorst,  Germany

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For more info on current work available contact Galerie Gerken, Berin, Germany


Kunsthalle, Retrospektive, Installation, zeitgenössische Kunst, Berlin, Monograph, Malerei, Collage, science,


Of Painting and Other Adventures

Solo-Exhibition: A retrospect of ten years of work at the Kunsthalle Brennabor in Brandenburg, Germany

Kunst und Wissenschaft, BBAW, Academy of Science, Egypt, Berlin, Installation, Karl Richard Lepsius,


Triangulations | The Exhibitions

The LAB Dublin | BBAW Berlin | Stadtmuseum Naumburg | Kunsthalle Brennabor

BBAW, Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie, Academy of Science, Lepsius, Ägypten, Egypt, collaboration, expedition, Karl Richard Lepsius, Triangulations, Berlin, Alt-Ägyptisches Wörterbuch


Triangulations | Research | Residencies

Cairo, Egypt | BBAW Berlin, Germany


Of Painting and Other Adventures, 2003-2013

Hardcover | 136 pages | bilingual DE / ENG




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Berlin, Sligo, Exhibition, Ausstellung, Wissenschaft, Kunst, zeitgenössische Kunst, Austausch, science and art, painting, drawing, installation, monograph, collage, installation, exhibition, Lepsius, Biografie, Berlin, Irland


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