3rd of April 2015, Higher Bridges Gallery,

Enniskillen, Northern Ireland


Recent breakthroughs in Neuroscience are garnering a lot of  media attention; whether to explain political leanings, usage in court rulings or simply as a popular attempt to explain “why we love, fear or even turn criminal”. Tinka Bechert reflects on the implications and popular appeal of the brains potential to answer the most fundamental questions about human nature and consciousness. The exhibition explores various of the brains´mechanisms such as synaesthesia,  synaptic pruning and Neuro-Imaging. In taking research models as sources for Drawings, Paintings and Installation work, the artist hints at discrepancies between the subjectivity of individual experience and the apparent objectivity of scientific research while acknowledging the human need for reason and wonder as a common driving force- both in the arts and sciences.